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Laptop Sleeve Free PDF Pattern Sewing Instructions

Sewing Patterns

Make your own laptop sleeve to protect your precious tech, or for the tech lover in your life.

Today is the last day of the #12DaysofGiftMaking, and wow, we've made quite a lot. Today's pattern, a laptop sleeve, is perfect for your tech-enthusiast. For this sample, I used a couple of upholstery fabrics I had laying around, a soft one for the inside and one with extra body for the outside.

You can download the laptop sleeve pattern HERE.

Recommended Fabrics:

You want to use a type of fabric that has some body to it. If you use a light-weight fabric, you should interface your face fabric.


Other Supplies:

  • 2 pieces of 2" long velcro

For instructions on how to print and assemble your sewing pattern, see this blog article.

Let's get sewing!

Step 1: Cutting

Cut your laptop sleeve face and lining from the pattern for a 13" Macbook, OR using the calculations below for another size of laptop

To Calculate your Laptop Sleeve

Width = Width of Laptop (13") + depth of laptop (0.5") + 1" (Seam allowance x 2)

Length = (Length of desired pouch x 2) + 1" (Seam allowance x 2)

13” Width + 0.4” (height) + 2” (seam allowance).

Because it is difficult to measure 0.4 of an inch I’m going to round the height up to half an inch so 13 + 0.5” + 2” = 15.5”.

Now to calculate the length of the fabric I’ll take the depth of the laptop which is 9” + height 0.4” which adds up to 9.4 inches, but this needs to folded over and include the envelope style flap so I multiply by 2.5 and add the 2” seam allowance bringing the calculation to 9.4” x 2.5 = 23. 5” + 2” = 25. 5”.

So, my fabric should be 15.5 inches wide by 25. 5 inches long to accommodate my 13” MacBook Air laptop.

Step 3: Stitch the base of the laptop sleeve

With right sides together, pin the bottom edge and stitch down the seam leaving an opening in the middle about 3 inches long. Press your seam open. Flip to the right side and press the seam again making sure the seams of the open hole are pressed in. This seam will become the top edge of the inside of your sleeve, where your flap overlaps.

You want to check the fit of your laptop sleeve now, before getting too far. Fold the base up around your laptop and mark the bottom end of the flap. You want your flap to be a quarter to half the height (B) of the laptop.

Step 3: Sew the top Flap of your Laptop Sleeve

Flip your pieces so they are right sides together. Sew the top seam of your laptop sleeve. Press it open to get your seam edge nice and flat, then press it again from the right side of the lining.

Flip to the wrong side, pin your flip sides to the notch at 4 1/2" from the edge. Sew from the flap edge down to your notch using 1/2" seam allowance. Clip into the notch right up to your last stitch. Clip your corners and trim your seam allowances down along the top of the flap and down the sides, up to 3/8" away from the notch. Flip your sleeve right side out, use a pin to pull the corner out nicely and press. If your fabric is bulky, you may want to do a topstitch around the edge of your flap to hold it all together nicely, stop your top stitch 3/4" away from your notch point.

Now we're going to add the velcro. Measure 2 1/2" in from the finished side edge of your pouch. Place your 2" wide velcro starting at this point about 1/4" from the edge of your pouch.

Top stitch your velcro in place through both layers of your flap. I like to match my bobbin thread to the face fabric, and my top thread to the velcro, then stitch from the velcro side. When you start your seam, hold the tail ends of your thread to keep them tight so they don't get caught in your backstitch (hold them out the back side of a domestic machine, and to the left side on an industrial machine). Sew 1/8" away from the edge of the velcro, around all four sides, putting your foot down at the corners to pivot.

Step 4: Sew the inside flap and Velcro

Now we are going to sew the inside flap. Flip back to the wrong side/inside of your laptop sleeve. Pin your sides together up to the notch. This notch will make a 2" open flap to slide your laptop in easier. Sew down the sides from your edge to the notch. Backstitch well then clip into the notch up to the seam. Trim down your seam allowances along all three sides, leaving extra where your hole is. Flip to the right side.

Below the notch we are sewing different pieces together, so we are going to pin them together from the front side first to show us on the inside which seams go together. From the outside, pin together the edges of the two lining pieces, then pin together the edges of the two outside pieces. Do this on both side seams. flip back to the inside from the hole in the inside flap.

From the inside, you will have to repin your seams (pinning from the outside was just a reference to know how your seams need to the pinned together). There are two seams to be sewn on each side seam, the linings together and the outsides together from notch to notch. Match your notches first, then pin the rest of the seam. Make sure you have clipped into your notches so you can start and stop your seams right at the last stitch of your notch. Sew each of the four seams using 1/2" seam allowance. Trim your seams down and flip to the outside.

Ladder stitch the hole in your flap closed. Mark your velcro placement 2 1/2" from the finished side seam using a pin. Stick the velcro to the sewn piece on the flap. Close your flap, then with a pin, pin the bottom of your unsewn piece of velcro to the fabric. Open your flap, making sure to hold the unsewn piece of velcro in place where you pinned. Measure the distance from the edge of the inner flap. Fix the position of your velcro so it matches the marked 2 1/2" from the side seam and the distance from the edge of the inner flap. Repeat for the other velcro piece. Top stitch your velcro in place on the inside flap through face and lining in the same manner you sewed the other velcro.

Congrats! You've now finished your Laptop Sleeve!

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